PitchPerfect Media founder and director Michelle Rowe has held senior roles as an editor, columnist and writer for global media companies over the past 25 years. She has also led multi-media content, communications and corporate affairs teams in the public and private sectors.

Michelle’s work across newspapers, magazines, digital platforms and television in Bangkok, London, Sydney and Canberra has given her unique insights into the media cycle, what journalists want and how to deliver high-quality, professional content that resonates with audiences.

As a national newspaper and magazine editor, Michelle has been on the receiving end of countless media releases and story pitches, so she knows better than most what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t when it comes to getting your message heard by journalists.

Uncovering the strongest angle in any situation and translating it into a compelling, human-focused narrative is her core skill. Her forensic attention to detail ensures accurate, beautifully written copy every time.

Michelle has interviewed everyone from international politicians to pop stars, as well as families experiencing unimaginable heartbreak, and shared their stories around the globe.

As publishers began to rethink their business models, Michelle left her job as a national newspaper travel editor and food columnist to transfer to the world of corporate affairs the critical skills she learned as a journalist – the ability to listen and put people at ease, to empathise, to write clearly and succinctly, to manage complex projects and to work to extremely tight deadlines.

She has since built and led multi-media content teams responsible for everything from large-scale tourism campaign video shoots and website upgrades, to writing, editing and designing educational materials and branded magazines.

She has delivered advice on effective media and stakeholder engagement to CEOs, led challenging change management programs and written strategic communications, social media and customer relations strategies.

She has transformed under-performing corporate partnerships portfolios, led crisis management and media relations teams and crafted specialist content including executive speeches, capability statements, bid documents and tenders.

It was during her senior corporate affairs career that Michelle noticed a gap in the market for a communications agency with its roots firmly grounded in journalism. 

Her unique combination of skills led her to launch PitchPerfect Media in 2019, for businesses and individuals who understand the critical role of high-quality communications in building strong brands and enduring reputations.

“At a time when many organisations are under pressure to redefine themselves and demonstrate their ongoing relevance in a changing world, being able to effectively communicate worth, achievements and impact is critical,” Michelle said.

“People don’t want just to be ‘sold’ to. They want to understand why they should be loyal to a particular company. Being able to explain the “why” in a way that can influence people’s emotions and, ultimately, their decision-making is where PitchPerfect Media can make a real difference for our clients.”

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